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Who we are?

We are a new company that decided to bring to Slovakia brand goods that is not common in the market. These goods also include JOE's Barbeque Smoker® grills and smokers from a German manufacturer.

​What we do?

The company exclusively sells and distributes grills and smokers to Slovakia. Our business includes retail and wholesale.

Since we've been on the market.

GerMann has been on the market since 2019

Why grills form Germany?

This is primarily a partnership issue that we have built up in a relatively short time with German manufacturers. We would like to maintain this trend and further expand our partnership with other German companies. Why BBQ grills and smokers? Not only in the US but also in our country more and more people liked barbeque instead of classic barbecue. The difference of preparation is unmistakable and therefore we are proud of the fact that we bring quality American BBQ grills to Slovakia.