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Data protection policy

Responsibility and information on the processing of personal data

GerMann ltd., registered office: ul.Čingov 837/70, 951 31 Močenok, company ID: 52 537 846, e-mail:, Tel: +421 904 603 922, (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), As a seller and administrator of your personal data, you must fulfill obligations not only towards you but also towards the state and its authorities.


In order to conclude a commercial contract and deliver goods or services, the operator needs customer data. If the customer is a business entity, the operator processes the following data: business name, company ID, VAT number, VAT number (if the VAT payer), billing and delivery address. In this case, the DPs are not processed. Exceptionally, DPs can also be processed, eg. company employee's name, phone number, e-mail address, if he receives the goods in person and the courier must identify it (eg sales on invoice). If the customer is not a business entity but a citizen, then the operator processes the following data: name and surname, billing and delivery address, telephone number and email address of the customer, i. the person concerned. The purpose of processing the personal data of the buyer is to conclude a purchase contract and deliver goods or services, eventually to meet the seller's warranty obligations.

Your personal data will only be processed by the company for the following purposes:

  1. provision of contract or order for goods or services.

  2. transport, respectively. delivery of goods or services.

  3. fulfillment of the rights of claim arising from defective performance or damages;

  4. The legal basis of processing is the fulfillment of the contract between our company and you, and also the fulfillment of legal obligations arising mainly from the Consumer Protection Act and the Civil Code.

Your personal information remains in the company database and will not be given or disclosed to third parties.


An exception to the above is only a possible handing over to a state authority that imposes on us a law (eg Police of the Slovak Republic) and handing over to persons who carry out the distribution of goods (eg Courier). In particular, personal data for the field of automatic data filling in your orders and possible sending of information about our products and news about our company will be sold and processed only by our company.


Should anything change in the course of time, we will notify you of any change via your email. We will not sell personal information to any third country or international organization.



Pursuant to Section 28 of the Act, the person concerned may exercise the following rights against the company:

  1. The data subject has the right, upon written request, to require the controller to confirm whether or not the personal data are processed in a generally comprehensible form of information on the processing of personal data in the information system to the extent pursuant to § 15 para. 1, par. (a) to (e), second to sixth points; when issuing a decision pursuant to paragraph 5, the data subject shall be entitled to acquaint himself with the procedure for processing and evaluating operations, in a generally comprehensible form, accurate information on the source from which he obtained his personal data for processing; if they are subject to the processing, correction or destruction of their incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data, processing, in a generally understandable form, a list of their personal data that are subject to validity, if the controller processes personal data with the consent of the data subject blocking his / her personal data due to the withdrawal of consent before the expiry of his / her law, the destruction of his / her personal data subject to processing; their return, the right of the data subject under paragraph 1 lit. (e) and (f) may be restricted only if such a restriction results from a special law or its application would undermine the protection of the data subject or would infringe the rights and freedoms of others. Provision of personal data referred to in § 10 par. 3 písm. d) for the purposes of direct postal service or the use of personal data referred to in § 10 par. 3 písm. d) for the purpose of direct marketing, for the purpose of direct marketing without its consent, and to request their destruction, processing of his / her personal data, which he / she assumes are or will be processed by the Data subject. against the processing of personal data in cases.

  2. Pursuant to § 10 par. 3 písm. (a), (e), (f) or (g) by giving valid reasons or submitting evidence of unlawful interference with its rights and legally protected interests which are or may be harmed in a particular case by such processing of personal data; unless legally justified and it is established that the data subject's objection is justified, the controller shall be obliged to block and dispose of the personal data the processing of which the data subject has objected without undue delay as soon as circumstances permit. Furthermore, the person concerned shall, at the written request or in person, if the case does not delay, shall at any time have the right to object to the operator and not to comply with the decision of the operator which would have legal effects or significant impact for him. personal data.

  3. The data subject shall have the right to ask the controller to review the decision issued by a method different from the automated form of processing, the controller being obliged to comply with the data subject's request by giving the person concerned the decisive role in reviewing the decision; on the method of examination and the result of the finding, the operator shall inform the person concerned within the time limit pursuant to § 29 para. 3. The data subject shall not have this right only if so provided by a special law providing for measures to safeguard the legitimate interests of the data subject or if, in the context of pre-contractual relations or during the existence of contractual relations, the controller has taken a decision to comply with the data subject's request; or where the operator has taken other appropriate measures under the contract to safeguard the legitimate interests of the data subject.


Your personal information was received by GerMann s.r.o. only from you. You must provide the personal data that the company requires for processing, as required by law. You must also provide her with the personal data necessary to fulfill the obligations under the contract. Personal data will be processed only for the time of processing the order for the goods or service. Personal data whose processing is required by law is processed for the period for which the law requires it.


The Company shall only retain personal data regarding performance of the concluded contract and other related rights and obligations for the period for which such related rights and obligations can be enforceable in court. At the end of the processing period, personal data are then immediately disposed of. By confirming the order, or by confirming the "Send message" button in the contact form, you consent to the processing of personal data, you confirm that you have read, downloaded and understood this information. For signatures (but of course anytime after) do not hesitate to ask anything about your personal data. We are here for you!


                                          GerMann ltd.